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Used Car PPI Services Dubai at Quick Fit Auto Center 

Either You Are Planning To Buy An Exotic Car, A German Or An American Car, Classic Or Any Other Car. We Provide A Comprehensive Car Pre Purchase Inspection Service In Dubai.  Call Our Service Advisor For More Information And Booking 056 66 34 222

We report the actual condition of the vehicle before you buy it!

Purchasing a used car is always a tricky and a risky decision. When the excited buyers get emotionally caught up in complex car buying process, most of times they missed out the mechanical aspects of the car. These problems are eliminated and compounded only when the vehicle has gone through pre purchase inspection process. Get the actual picture of the car and find either it requires Engine repair services, Transmission repair services, or it’s a perfect vehicle to buy!


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Quick Fit Autos Pre Purchase Car Inspection Service.

Comprehensive Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection Services Dubai

Buying a used car is never easy because it requires technical knowledge and advanced tools to inspect it. Quick Fit Auto Center is a leading auto garage in Dubai, where we have experienced technicians having the right knowledge to inspect the car with advanced tools and provide a comprehensive inspection report which covers everything you may need to know to make a better decision in buying a used car. Despite of the inspection report, our experienced auto service advisor will give you an unbiased suggestion about whether to buy the car or not. Some of the benefits of inspecting a used car at Quick Fit are as follows.

  • Transparent Comprehensive Report
  • Better Decision In Buying A Used Car
  • Unbiased Suggestion From Our Service Advisors
  • Detection of minor and major issues
  • Cost Of Repair Required

Don’t invest your money in faulty vehicle – Let us review your choice

Problems We Often Find During PPI

  • Timing Chain / Engine Camshaft Belt Issues
  • Engine Oil Pump Issue 
  • Fuel Pump Issue
  • Engine Piston Ring Repair
  • Cracked Engine Block
  • Engine Making Smoke
  • Loss of Oil or Coolant
  • Engine Rattling
  • Oil Pump Failure
  • Broken Oxygen Sensor
  • Clogged Radiator
  • Engine Valve Damaged
used car pre purchase inspection
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We are proud to be a leading Auto Service Center in Dubai, where we have been successfully dealing with all types of car repair problems for many years. Every day we recall our vision before set to work and never compromise on the quality of service. 

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