Auto Detailing Service in Dubai

Professional Car Detailing Services Workshop In Dubai. We Provide Premium Quality Auto Detailing Services For Exotic, American, European, And High-End Japanese Cars. Book A Service Now!

  • Inside Car Detailing and Shampoo
  • Engine Detailing
  • Top Quality Exterior Polishing And Detailing
  • Head Light Restoration
  • Vehicle Disinfection Service
  • Premium Quality Ceramic Coating
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Car Scratch Removal
  • Car Paint Service
  • Accident Repair And More

Why Choose Quick Fit Auto Center?

  • Friendly Environment
  • Auto Detailing Specialists
  • Dealer Alternative At Affordable Cost
  • Largest Auto Repair Facility With All Services Under One Roof
  • Professional & Experienced Staff
  • Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed
  • Free Pickup & Inspection
  • Complete Range Of Auto Body Shop Services 
  • Transparent Estimates
  • Quick & Reliable Service
  • Pay If The Job Requested Is Done

Top Quality Interior and Exterior Detailing, Polishing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Scratch Removal, Car Paint, Dent Removal Service In Dubai.

Quick Fit Auto Center Specialized in Auto and Car Detailing service in Dubai. Our auto detailing experts handle your vehicle with care and affection.  At our Workshop, we are setting new standards in the auto detailing industry, introducing updated ceramic coating services, car interior, and exterior detailing services at a special price.

Our car detailing service ensures drivers that they are accelerating totally disinfected car while it provides a bright and spotlessly clean look. Our  Auto Detailing workshop completely focuses to remove all stains, marks, germs, and scratches to restore the actual look of the car. 

A Glimpse Of Our Car Detailing Portfolio In Dubai

Top Rated Car Detailing Dubai
Car Detailing Dubai
Best Car Detailing Dubai
Car Detailing Dubai
Car Detailing Dubai
Best Car Detailing Dubai
Car Detailing Dubai
#1 Workshop For Car Detailing Dubai

Disinfect your Car with our Professional Auto Detailing Service in Dubai

We know it’s been a hassle and tiresome to completely clean and disinfect your car. You might have tried a thorough cleaning multiple times – Do you succeed to completely kick out the germs and microbodies from your car? Well, they are still traveling with you.  Quick Fit Auto Center realizes the need of time and offering complete Auto Detailing Services in Dubai to make sure your car is completely clean and disinfected to any harmful germ. We use High-Quality Chemicals Which Are Approved by Dubai Health Officials and Dubai Municipality. Our Auto Detailing Experts take all the necessary measures to make your car safe to drive.

Car interior and exterior disinfection service dubai
Auto detailing service portfolio

Give Your Car a Stunning Look With Our Professional Auto Detailing And Polishing Service

Our Car Detailing is Far Ahead From a Regular Car Wash Service. Whether your beloved vehicle is damaged due to kid’s messes or its exterior is tarnished from low-quality car wash,  no need to worry.  Quick Fit Auto Center has all tools and expert technicians to bring back the car’s exterior/interior outlook close to its genuine version.

Good News for all customers who love to drive a spotlessly clean vehicle – They can enjoy a free pick up on our complete auto detailing service in Dubai.  Let us completely disinfect your car and restore its shiny appearance once again. 

Pickup And Delivery Service Available For Exterior and Interior Car Detailing Services In Dubai

We Treat those corners that left Untreated during Regular Cleaning

Our auto detailing workshop believes that germs and bacteria escape during the normal cleaning – That’s why we step out with a more reliable and result oriented car detailing services in Dubai.  At our Car Detailing workshop, we are equipped with a special detergent, following the latest techniques and making our car wash services a complete guaranteed solution to the problem. It’s not like we deal with car wash services, but proud to offer a Dealer Alternative Car detailing services including Ceramic Coating, Plastic Coating, Wash and wax with sealant, Car interior cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Polishing, Wheel coating and all-inclusive auto detailing services. 

Car Detailing
interior detailing service dubai

Interior Car Detailing Service

A complete car interior detailing service provides your car a refreshing look, while we disinfect this using the best washing detergents. The perfect combination of our equipment and expert technicians collectively assures a win-win situation.  It involves cleaning the inner parts of the car including dashboard, cabin, leather seats, plastic, and glass cleaning. We use a steam cleaning process to remove any stains and blemishes that may have accumulated over the past years. After cleaning, we vacuum the interior and spread the scent to make it smell even better.

Interior Car Detailing Includes:

  • Complete car shampoo 
  • Car carpet & floor mats
  • Comprehensive cleaning through special brushes
  • Panel detailing
  • Windows & sunroof
  • Car knobs and switches 
  • Side, back and front mirror
  • Seat upholstery and belts
  • Door handles
  • Steering
  • Dashboard
Exterior car detailing service

Exterior Car Detailing Service

Quick Fit Auto Center offers exterior car detailing services in Dubai, assuring to revive the outlook of your beloved car. We take pride in our services and auto detailing experts are available to help. We make the car gleam, minimizes the surface scratches, washes it thoroughly, and apply the shiners to make its look perfect. Can you imagine your old car after our exterior detailing services? Well, to find this out, just let us handle your beloved vehicle with care. Free pick up service is designed to make our services more hassle-free for you.

Exterior Car Detailing Includes:

  • Thorough car wash
  • Shampoo and Cleaning
  • Removal of dust, stains, dirt marks & road tar
  • Wheel and rim cleaning
  • Clean door jams
  • Bumper and chassis wash
  • Auto exterior dressing
  • Durable carnauba wax 
  • Polishing
Car Window Tinting Service

Auto Window Tinting Service

  • Premium Quality Tint (Made In USA)
  • 3 to 12 Years Warranty
  • 40 % Off (Limited Time)
  • Best Protection From Sun Light

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paint protection film dubai

Paint Protection Film

  • Premium Quality PPF (Made In USA)
  • 3 to 12 Years Warranty
  • 40 % Off (Limited Time)
  • Best Paint Protection Film In Dubai

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Ceramic coating dubai

Nano Ceramic Coating

  • Premium Quality Ceramic Coating
  • 3 to 10 Years Warranty
  • 40 % Off (Limited Time)
  • Best Nano Ceramic Formula

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We are proud to be a leading Auto Service Center in Dubai, where we have been successfully dealing with all types of car repair problems for many years. Every day we recall our vision before set to work and never compromise on the quality of service. 

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