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Quick Fit Auto Repair Specialised In Jaguar Repair in Dubai. A Transparent & Honest Workshop. Premium Quality Jaguar Service At Low Cost. We Make Sure You Are Safe On The Road. Friendly & Courteous Environment. Call Our Advisor To Book A Service Now.

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Jaguar Repair And Service Workshop Dubai:

Welcome To Most Trusted, Experienced And Independent Jaguar Workshop In Dubai. We Are A  True Dealer Alternative Jaguar Service Center in UAE Dubai! If You Own A Jaguar In UAE, And You Are Living In Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Ul Quwain Or Dubai. We Provide Pickup And Delivery As Well. Why Quick Fit Auto Center in The Best Jaguar Repair & Service Workshop In Dubai?  At Quick Fit Auto Center We Have Experienced Jaguar Technicians Who Can Work On Your Precious Jaguar Professionally With Advanced Diagnostic Tools. Whether You Are Looking For Jaguar Interval Service? Any Minor Repair & Service, Or Any Major Repair Like Jaguar Engine Repair Or Gear Box Repair. We Do It All.  Please Contact Our Jaguar Service Advisor For Any Inquiry, Technical Help And Booking. 056 66 34 222

We Provide Complete Jaguar Repair And Service Solution, For All Jaguar Models At Our Jaguar Workshop In Dubai. 

Call Our Service Advisor For Free Pickup And Delivery Anywhere In UAE. 056 66 34 222

General Repair And Service For Jaguar.

General Repair And Service For Jaguar. 

You May Need A General Checkup For Your Jaguar, Any Mechanical And Electrical Repair. You May Feel Any Issue While Driving, Steering Can Be Hard Or May Be A Check Engine Light Came On The Dashboard, Your Jaguar’s Suspension May Be Down Or You May Need Wheel Balancing Or Alignment. It Can Be Any General Mechanical And Electrical Repair. At Our Jaguar Workshop, We Take Care Of Your Concern By Doing A Comprehensive Free Inspection. We Give You A Proper Diagnostic Report And We Can Show You What Exactly Need To Fix Your Jaguar. 

Jaguar Auto Body Workshop.

Jaguar Accident Repair, Car painting, Detailing & Polishing, Jaguar Vehicle Restoration, Wind Screen Replacement. Complete Auto Body Workshop Solution For Your Jaguar.

  • Accident Repair
  • Car Painting
  • Scratch & Dent Removal
  • Detailing And Polishing
  • Bumper Repair and More

    Jaguar Scheduled Servicing. Engine Oil Change / 20K, 40K, 60K, 80K, 100K Service

    Are You Looking For An Engine Oil And Oil Filter Change For Your Jaguar? Or Transmission Service And Preventive Maintenance, Interval Service Like 20K, 30k, 40K, 50K, 60K, 70K, 80K, 90K, 100K Service. We Also Provide All Types Of Fluids Change And Top Ups. Feel Free To Book A Service Now. 

    Transmission Oil Change Service

    Our Technicians Perform A Comprehensive Jaguar Gearbox, Auto Transmission Inspection and Do A Preventive Maintenance Service. We Do The Service As Per Manufacturer Guidelines And Recommendations.

Jaguar Inspection And Computer Diagnostics.

Jaguar Inspection And Computer Diagnostics.

Complete Jaguar Computer Scanning, Diagnostics And Comprehensive Inspection.

Jaguar Brakes Service.

Traffic Is Unpredictable. Your Jaguar Brakes Shouldn’t Be. If They’re Making Noise or Feeling Abnormal, We’ll Put An End To It! At Our Jaguar Workshop Dubai.

Jaguar Brakes Service Includes:
  • Free Brakes Inspection
  • Front Brake Pads Change
  • Rear Brake Pads Change
  • Front & Rear Brake Discs Replacement ( If Needed)
  • Disks Refacing
  • Front & Rear Brakes Sensor Replacement

Jaguar Battery Diagnostics And Replacement.

We Perform A Comprehensive Battery Diagnostics and Present An Inspection Report To Show Whether It Requires To Fix Battery Terminals, Electrical Repair Or Battery Replacement.

Jaguar AC Service.

Jaguar AC Service.

Free Jaguar Air Conditioner Inspection At Our Jaguar Workshop in Dubai. Your Jaguar’s AC May Not Be Working Properly Due To Some Of The Following Reasons. There May Be Ac Gas Leakage Or AC High And The Low-Pressure Hose Is Leaking, Service Valves Leakage, AC Evaporator Leak, AC Compressor May Be faulty, AC Condenser May Have An Issue, Ac Expansion Valve Issue, Ac Button Not Working, Climate Control AC Not Working, Smell While Turning On AC, AC Filters Replacement, AC Dryer Replacement, AC Gas Is Low, AC Not Cooling On Idle, AC Not Cooling Well While Driving, Compressor Tripping Without Maintaining The Temperature. 

We Provide Complete Jaguar AC Repair And Service, Dashboard Removing and Fixing, Ac System Flushing Service At Our Workshop. 

Jaguar Suspension Service.

Best Workshop To Fix Your Jaguar’s Suspension in Dubai. (Free Inspection)

Is your Jaguar’s air suspension is down, or there is an air suspension leakage, or you are looking to repair your car’s shocks absorbers? Then you are at right place. At Quickfit Auto Center in Dubai, we are specialized in all types of suspension repair. 

Some common symptoms of an air leak include:

  • The suspension is down.
  • Clunking or squeaking going over bumps
  • Bouncy or floaty ride
  • Excessive body roll through corners
  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Poor steering feel
  • Uneven ride height
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Jaguar Engine Repair And Rebuilding Service / Check Engine Light Diagnostics.

Is Your Jaguar’s Engine Overheating? Or It Has Oil And Water Mix? Or There Is Misfire? We Provide Complete Jaguar Engine Diagnostics, Minor Engine Repair To Major Engine Rebuild. Complete Engine Rebuild Solution With Warranty. Free Jaguar Check Engine Light Diagnostics And Scanning.

Jaguar Gearbox, Auto Transmission Repair, And Rebuilding Service.

Are You Facing Any Irregularities In You Jaguar’s Gearbox Shifting? There Can Be A Jerk While Shifting, Your Jaguar’s Gear Shifter Become Hard, Or It Misses The Shifting. From Gearbox Preventive Maintenance To Gearbox Repair & Rebuild. We Provide Complete Jaguar Gearbox Repair Solutions With Warranty.   

We Provide Maintenance & Repair Services For All Jaguar Models At Our Jaguar Workshop Dubai.

Either You Are Driving A Jaguar E-Pace & Looking For Jaguar E-Pace Repair & Service Or You Have A Luxurious Jaguar F-type & Looking For A Repair & Service For Jaguar F-type in Dubai. We Have Experienced Staff & Advanced Tools To Provide A Dealer Alternative Jaguar Repair & Service In Dubai. We Provide Jaguar XJR575 Repair DubaiJaguar XJ Repair DubaiJaguar XF Sportbrake Repair DubaiJaguar XF Repair DubaiJaguar XE Repair DubaiJaguar I-Pace Repair DubaiJaguar F-typeR Repair Dubai. Therefore If You Need Any Service & You Are Searching For Best Jaguar Workshop In DubaiBest Jaguar Repair In DubaiBest Jaguar Garage In DubaiBest Jaguar Service In Dubai, Then Call Quick Fit Auto Center For Free Jaguar Pickup And Free Inspection.

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Jaguar 5K/10K/15K/20K/25K/35K Service
Jaguar 5K/10K/15K/20K/25K/35K Service Includes:
  • Engine Oil Change.
  • Oil Filter Change.
  • Air Filter Service.
  • AC Filter Service.
  • Drain Plug/Gasket Replacement (If Needed).
  • Rotate Tires.
  • Check and Adjust Tire Pressure For Jaguar.
  • Perform Battery Medtronic’s Test For Jaguar.
  • Free Jaguar Comprehensive Inspection.
  • Free Car Wash & Vacuum.
Complete Jaguar Maintenance & Repair Services Workshop!

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Premium Quality Jaguar Repair & Service Workshop In Dubai. Discounted Prices, Free Pickup & Drop Off, Free Inspection. Call Us For Free Pickup 056 66 34 222
Are You Planning To Buy A Used Jaguar in Dubai?

Let Us Do A Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection Before You Buy A Jaguar In Dubai. We Save You Headache & Money. At Quick Fit Auto Center We Have Qualified Jaguar Repair & Service Technicians, Who Can Inspect A Pre-Owned Jaguar Thoroughly And Present You A Comprehensive Inspection Report. Which Helps You To Make A Better Decision On Your Investment To Buy A Jaguar In Dubai