Corona virus

Symptoms and Precautions of Coronavirus:

More than 100,000 people are getting infected and more than 5000 had died with Coronaviruses. But many of us still don’t know the history and background of Coronavirus and some of us, who know, want to know symptoms and precautionary measures then this article is just for you.

History of Coronavirus:

Many animals in China’s city Wuhan that is the epicenter of the coronavirus upsurge, have died or are at peril of dying after inhabitant removed their homes in the wake of the lockdown. Vshine Animal Protection Association, China-based animal welfare, and environmental corporation which is associated with Humane Society International approximated that the number of dogs and cats left after in penthouses in Hubei cities is in the tens of thousands. Many anxious residents have communicated organizations like Vshine to ask workers to scrutinize their pets. Vshine has derived at least 400 calls for assistance in the city of Dailan alone, and they have assisted save at least 380 dogs and cats that were left after. From these dogs and cats, this virus is supposed to spread from them.


Symptoms of Coronavirus:

The Coronavirus can genesis pneumonia. Those who have become ill are described to suffer coughs, fever and breathing problems. In serious situations, there can be organ failure. It is the viral virus; antibiotics are of no use because no solution or antibiotics is found to cure it. The effectiveness against viruses drugs we have against the flu will not work. Convalescence depends on the brawn of the unsusceptible system. Poor health patients had died already. This virus is viral and can be transmitted from one person to another person. That is why from China it has been spread all over the world.

Is Coronavirus Worst?

We don’t yet know how threatening the new coronavirus is, and we won’t know until more data comes in, but approximations have ranged from well below 1% in the young to over 3% amid those who are venerable or have underlying health situations. Seasonal flu typically has an impermanence and temporality rate below 1% and is believed to cause about 400,000 deaths each year worldwide. Another key unrevealed is how infectious the coronavirus is. A pivotal and critical difference is that unlike flu, there is no vaccine for the new coronavirus, which means it is harder for endangered members of the citizenry – venerable people or those with existing respiratory or unsusceptible issues – to preserve themselves. Hand-washing and circumventing other people if you feel indisposed are necessary. One realistic step is to get the flu vaccine, which will lessen the burden on health amenities if the outbreak turns into a wider infestation.

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus:

Clean Your Hands At least For 20 Seconds:

  • Don’t use your unwashed hands to touch your nose, eye, and face.
  • Wash your hands with soaps and simply washing without soap is also enough.
  • Wash your hands especially after you have been in a public place, or after gusting your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Avoid Communication:

  • Avoid contact with those who are sick and don’t shake hands. Make a space while meeting someone.

Use of Mask:

  • Whether you are ill or not, use a mask.

What to Do If You Feel Sick?

  • Stay at home if you feel sick.
  • Don’t shake hands if you are sick.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Clean your surroundings.


Try to be safe and protect others too. If you think you are a patient of Coronavirus or even if you are sick, go to the doctor and have a complete checkup. Avoid public places. Avoid contact. Don’t shake hands. Help others to be safe. Stay aware from useless traveling because traveling can make you close to this virus.